The Safety Project

At Toys"R"Us, Inc., one of our guiding principles is to deliver joy to children of all ages, and as part of that commitment, quality and safety are at the core of all we do.


This means that at every turn, we must act with great integrity and be uncompromising in the stringent safety standards we require for the products we provide our customers. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and legal standards, and we expect our business partners, including all vendors and suppliers, to do the same. We collaborate closely with regulators, manufacturers and global industry organizations to continually set the bar higher in safety, improving practices where necessary and implementing international standards into our own policies.

The Importance of Anchoring Furniture

Tip-over restraints prevent furniture, like dressers and bookcases, from tipping over and injuring children.

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To purchase furniture restraints, visit or speak with an expert at a Babies"R"Us near you.

Video Tutorial: How to Install Furniture Restraints