Parental Panic Mode: Keeping Baby Safe

Throughout the month of September, we're offering tips
& information to help parents keep baby safe

TO August 28, 2017 by Taylor O'Donnell

Have you ever thought to yourself, should this car seat be rear-facing? Or, what is a breathable bumper, and why do I need one? If so, you are definitely not alone. Bringing a new baby home is an emotional rollercoaster, and the prevailing thought (other than wondering why the nurses are letting you leave with this human), is how do I keep them safe?

Pull out that shared family calendar, because it’s Baby Safety Month! Each week during the month of September, Babies“R”Us is offering parents information and tips on safety topics of all varieties.

  • Friday, September 1 - Sunday, September 10: On-the-Go Car and Travel Safety 
  • Monday, September 11 - Sunday, September 17: Safe Sleep
  • Monday, September 18 - Sunday, September 24: Home Safety and Childproofing
  • Monday, September 25 - Sunday, October 1: Bath Safety 

You may be asking yourself, “Hey, doesn’t Babies“R”Us usually host their Great Trade-In Event around this time?” If you are, thanks for being awesome. But also, don’t worry. We know how much families appreciate the savings tied to that event, so not only are continuing the popular discount on car seats, but making it better too! Beginning Friday, September 1 through Sunday, October 1, all car seats will be 25% off with 5% of proceeds going directly to Safe Kids Worldwide (up to $500K). AND, you will also find additional discounts on select safety items each week online and in stores.

If you are on the hunt for a car seat, or just have questions (infant carriers, convertible seats, booster seats, oh my), head over to your local Babies“R”Us on Saturday, September 9 at 12pm for our “Ask the Car Seat Expert” event. We’ve partnered with Save Kids Worldwide to host safety experts who can personalize car seat recommendations for your children based on their height and weight (no worries, weigh-ins are only for the kidos).

PS: If you are a loyalty member – your savings begin on Sunday, August 27!

So, whether you are bringing baby on-the-go, giving them their first bath, or tucking them in at night, ensuring baby’s safety is the number one priority. If you have questions, or need advice sifting through the 800+ car seats in our stores and online (#humblebrag), come visit us! We are here to make things a little easier – in any way we can.

For more helpful safety tips, visit's Safety Page

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