Get the inside scoop on CES 2018 with a little help from a Toys“R”Us kid at heart

jc January 12, 2018 by Joe Contrino

Overwhelmed by all the exciting news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week? Well you’re in luck because I’m here to break down some of the hottest innovations in toy and baby products that kids and caregivers are going to love.

As a champion of play, self-proclaimed techy AND veteran CES-goer (#humblebrag), I’ve been keeping a close tab on trends around this year’s show. Get ready because it looks like 2018 is going to be chockfull of hot products with innovative technology.

For starters, there’s tons of buzz around robotic toys with AI integration. Say what? AI = artificial intelligence. These trends are exploding at a fast pace in the tech world and prevalent in the toy industry. And if you don’t remember, in 2017, we introduced our PlayChaser app with AI technology and named the exclusive Cozmo Collector’s Edition Robot to our 2017 Hot Toy List!

Hate to brag (again), but we’re definitely one step ahead of the game with knowledge of emerging trends; and Carla Hassan, our Chief Marketing Officer agrees as she stated in a recent Forbes article – “This year we’ll see more sophistication in AI technology that will allow us to better target our audience and to customize messages to them one-on-one, in real time.”

With all new hype around robotics and AI, we’re definitely obsessing over the new toys and products that are rolling out at this year’s show, including:

Evo Robot


Evo is one of the coolest robots on the market, featuring technology that revolutionizes learning through creativity and social connection. At CES 2018, the robot’s manufacturer, Ozobot, announced an updated Evo app that rewards user activity with features like ‘Unplugged Play,’ which is right up our alley! The Evo Sku is currently available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and Toysrus.com.

Tello Drone


The new intelligent drone, Tello, is soaring through the CES convention centers. Equipped with advanced AI, robotic and computer vision technologies from Intel and DJI, this tiny machine comes loaded with a camera that can capture 360-degree video and stream live footage to a tablet – perfect for any aspiring pilot and photog-enthusiast. 

Curo AI Platform


This little “robot” CURO is an interactive wireless modular robotics set (say that 5x fast) that allows children to experience the basic ins-and-outs of coding and AI through fun, dynamic blocks and simple coding programs. Talk about next-level! CURO will definitely make a splash among the little tech-gurus in your life, so keep an eye out for more on this innovation coming in Summer 2018.

Not only are we seeing some revolutionary new toys at the show, but the innovations in baby products haven’t disappointed either. Take a closer look at some new gadgets below, including a newly-shaped, high-tech monitor that will give you peace of mind by helping ensure your little ones are safe even when you’re not in the room.

Nuk Freemie

Nuk Freemie

New parent, exhausted and feeling like a zombie, but you can’t rest because you need to pump? Well, the Nuk Freemie Pump is here to help (and let you sleep on the job!). This new breast pump is whisper quiet and hands-free with a programmable sleep timer that lets moms “set-and-forget” while they pump. Want more? The Nuk Freemie Pump hits Babies“R”Us stores exclusively this month, so keep your eyes peeled because I can guarantee this is one innovative product that moms will definitely get behind.

Clarity Baby Monitor


Parents, get a load of this new monitor that totally strays from traditional security cameras. For starters, the Clarity has a unique and non-traditional shape that hangs over your baby’s cirb. And in addition to regular functions expected from a baby monitor like two-way talk, the Clarity can also track vital signs through patented Contactless Breathing technology. Mind = blown.

About Joe Contrino: Joe is the epitome of a Toys“R”Us kid. Growing up, he could be found building “megazords” with his Power Rangers action figures, trading Pokémon cards or playing Super Mario on Nintendo 64 with friends. As a huge car fanatic, Joe loved venturing to Toys“R”Us to pick up the latest and greatest Hot Wheels and model cars to add to his massive collection. Today, Joe proudly serves as a member of the Toys“R”Us team and dedicates his time to vetting the tech and action toy scene to provide only the best advice, information and deals to fellow toy lovers.