Easter Basket Building for EveryBunny

KM March 3, 2017 by Krista Mise

What’s more fun than watching your child search the house for a basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny? Knowing they will be thrilled to find their favorite items nestled in a bundle of colorful plastic hay.

Putting together the perfect Easter Basket isn’t always as easy as the Easter Bunny makes it look. Whether it’s your baby’s first Easter, or you’re on the hunt for the hottest movie toys for your little aspiring film connoisseur (really, who isn’t PUMPED for Beauty & the Beast?), the experts at Toys“R”Us and Babies“R”Us have you covered.

From collectibles to crafts, we’re sharing some of our favorite basket-building themes for Easter 2017. All of these items are perfect basket stuffers or egg fillers – add your little ones’ favorite sweet treats and you’ll have a basket the Easter Bunny himself would be proud to take credit for.


Baby’s First Easter
Every first for your baby is an exciting occasion, whether it’s the first time they giggle, the first time they crawl, or the first time they meet the Easter Bunny! Even if they can’t untie the pretty bow you carefully wrapped around their basket, they will enjoy all of the various goodies they find inside their very first Easter basket.

Disney Jr.
If your little one is just as obsessed with Mickey, Minnie, Kion and Doc as you are determined to forget their theme songs, then they will LOVE waking up
to their favorite characters sprinkled throughout their baskets.

Movie Blockbusters
This basket features items from some of the most anticipated children’s movies of 2017. With adorable plush toys, action figures, activities and games, your child will have endless fun with all of their favorite characters by their side.

Little ones obsessed with all things tiny and unique? They are going to giggle with glee when they see this basket on Easter morning, featuring items from all the coolest collectible toy sets. This basket is sure to complete (or start) any collection!

Arts and Crafts
Have a little one with a limitless imagination and a never-ending need to create? This basket will bring joy to your aspiring Picasso. Featuring Crayola essentials, your little one has everything they need to create artwork fit for a special spot on the refrigerator.

About Krista Mise: Krista grew up with a love for fantasy and adventure. She could be found playing in her room with Barbie and Polly Pocket covering every inch of the floor. She loved dressing up as Disney Princesses and throwing lavish tea parties. When she wasn’t busy creating her own world, she was in the Nintendo World helping Mario save Princess Peach, or exploring the real world in her Power Wheels Barbie Jeep. Being a tried-and-true Toys“R”Us Kid of the 90s Krista loves to use her play experience to discover the best toys of today and share them with others.