A Little Chocolate, A Lot of Play

Candy baskets are so 10 years ago, bring on the Easter toys 

jc March 8, 2018 by Joe Contrino

Easter is less than a month away (yep, you read that right!) and let’s face it, the holiday is changing.

When I was a kid, Easter was all about the chocolate and sugary snacks. My sister and I would love to compare how many chocolate bunnies and marshmallow treats we scored in our baskets.

However, parents today are thinking differently. Yes, there is still candy, but with sugar overload around almost every special occasion (who’s kid still has chocolate from Halloween laying around?), parents and caregivers are more inclined to think consciously about what’s in the basket, adding in toys that spur indoor and outdoor play.

This is a change that we can get behind because it involves our favorite subject – play (and maybe less cavities, too!). Play may be easy but making that just-right basket can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve come up with some easy and fun recommendations on how to construct a totally customized and unique basket based on any kids’ favorite characters, activities and interests. Think: play patterns.

In-store and online, we have a TON of options within many play patterns. Shopping for baby’s first Easter and not sure what to stuff in your adorable Koala canvas basket? No problem. Baby is growing (and fast), so be sure to include products that they can use during the months following the holiday, like a sippy cup and teething ring, but don’t forget to include delicious and healthy treats as well.



If your little movie buff didn’t get a chance to see Disney’s Coco on the big screen, I’m positive they will love the movie on DVD, paired with figures of Miguel and Dante. But what if you have a little Picasso on your hands? I’m sure the crafty kid will rejoice to find a fresh pack of crayons and sidewalk chalk in their basket.



Let’s not forget about the STEM achiever. School’s still in session for a couple more months, so why not build a basket with brain games and a science kit. Who said you can’t learn and play at the same time? Not us!

Brain Games


And above all, we know that making memories through special experiences is everything, especially during the holidays. We also know it’s tough to pack up all the kids for an adventure out of the house, unless it’s for something worthwhile, but we know how to celebrate a holiday.

So, plan to pack up your little chicks and play at your local Toys“R”Us on Sunday, March 25 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm (local time). Kids can participate in activities like an Easter parade, arts and crafts, Geoffrey’s Easter egg hunt and take home awesome prizes from My Little Pony, Hatchimals (an exclusive sneak peek at season 3 CollEGGtibles), Hot Wheels, Marvel and Disney Princess.

Note: All customers can participate in the event, but loyalty members will receive DOUBLE POINTS on their in-store purchases throughout the day.

About Joe Contrino: Joe is the epitome of a Toys“R”Us kid. Growing up, he could be found building “megazords” with his Power Rangers action figures, trading Pokémon cards or playing Super Mario on Nintendo 64 with friends. As a huge car fanatic, Joe loved venturing to Toys“R”Us to pick up the latest and greatest Hot Wheels and model cars to add to his massive collection. Today, Joe proudly serves as a member of the Toys“R”Us team and dedicates his time to vetting the tech and action toy scene to provide only the best advice, information and deals to fellow toy lovers.