A Few of Our Favorite Qualities

Team Member Qualities are characteristics that we look for
in ALL of our team members, current and prospective

KD October 10, 2017 by Kerry Donovan

Confessions of an amateur: this post is my first foray into blogging. And I couldn’t be more excited, because I’m here to talk about my two favorite things – our team members and food. OK, not food, but I’m eating as I write and may unintentionally weave in a few references to my fave snacks.

On to the good stuff…

Here at Toys“R”Us, we believe that our daily interactions with each other and customers, and our approach to work help shape and strengthen the culture of our company. I’m confident you agree. Right? Yes, Kerry! Great.

In that spirit, I’m happy to share that our company TODAY officially introduced what we call Team Member Qualities. TMQ’s are characteristics that we look for in ALL of our team members, current and prospective – from the good folks at the Global Resource Center (our corporate office) and Distribution Centers, to our Marketplace heroes who make it happen day in and day out.

If demonstrated daily, these TMQ’s help shape, strengthen and maintain a positive company culture. And who doesn’t love that (seriously, who are you)? So without further ado, ::sound the trumpets:: our TMQ’s…

We look for team members who:

  • Have unquestionable INTEGRITY and drive ACCOUNTABILITY

Translation: Own your decisions – the good, the bad, the ugly – and be honest about mistakes. Everybody makes ‘em, only the strongest of us admit to ‘em.

  • Are heroes for CUSTOMERS; they put customers first

Translation: Know your customers (internal AND external), and don’t stop looking for ways to be a hero to them. For example, surprise your pregnant coworker with a chocolate cake.


Translation: Approach each day with high energy, especially when faced with challenges. Express appreciation. Act as a change agent.


Translation: Don’t let the pizza go uneaten; work together to get the job done before it goes bad. Wait…that’s not right. Realize that success is a team effort, and encourage others to work collaboratively to deliver kickass business results. But also…don’t let the pizza go uneaten.


Translation: With an entrepreneurial spirit, don’t be afraid to support unpopular causes, challenge yourself and the status quo, and put curiosity into action.

If you’re already a Toys“R”Us team member, you’ll notice these TMQs complement both our Mission and Guiding Principles. If you’re joining No Assembly Required from elsewhere, our Mission and Guiding Principles provide clarity around our purpose and guide us in all circumstances irrespective of our goals, objectives and the type of work we perform – they are the bedrock of what we do, and why and how we do it. Similarly, our TMQ’s identify what counts and matters most as a team member. When we understand one another, everyone does the right things for the right reasons, and this common purpose and understanding helps us build great working relationships and high performing teams.

So, whether you currently work for our company, are a candidate for a position or think you’d like to join the best toy and baby retailer for the world in the future, keep these TMQs in mind. It’s what we’ll be looking for!

Now, on to chocolate cake.