Request a Donation

Toys“R”Us, Inc. and the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund together focus charitable giving on national organizations to better centralize our philanthropic efforts. These national partners, in turn, allow us to help countless local charities in the communities we serve.

Please carefully review the guidelines below prior to submitting a donation request.

If your group is similar in focus to any mentioned below, please direct your requests to that national charity. All of our support in these areas will be centralized with these partners, and we would respectfully decline support to a local organization that overlaps efforts with a national partner:

  • All toy collection (and toy donation) efforts during the holiday season are handled through the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. If you are in need of toys, please submit a request directly at
  • Outside of the holiday season, all other product donations are coordinated through Kids in Distressed Situations. If you are a local organization seeking product donations, please register with K.I.D.S. at
  • Disaster relief for hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, wildfires and other similar events is coordinated through Save the Children, at

In addition, please note the following restrictions:

  • We cannot offer grants or product donations to individuals or to families. We can only give to tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as defined by IRS Code 501(c)(3).
  • We will not support programs that do not focus their efforts on children’s issues.
  • We will not offer grants to individuals or groups for religious purposes.
  • We will not support capital expenditures, political or partisan programs, national ceremonies, memorials, conferences, fundraising dinners or lunches, testimonials or similar events.
  • We will not support organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Donation requests must be made in writing via email 90 days prior to the date in which the donation is needed. Please e-mail with the following information. Please do NOT send attachments of any kind:

  • TAX ID: Your tax ID number and the state where you are formally registered as a not-for-profit/tax exempt organization as defined by IRS Code 501(c)(3).
  • SUMMARY: A 200-word targeted summary about your organization, including what you do, who you help and where you receive your primary funding.
  • REQUEST: Your specific request (product or grant, the specific amount needed) and why the request is needed at this time.
  • WHO WILL BENEFIT: Who your request will help, including the age range of children who will benefit.
  • WEBSITE: Link to your organization’s website.

If we feel there is a potential opportunity, we will respond and request additional information and documentation. We thank you in advance for your understanding of our donation request guidelines.